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Women Orgasm Prematurely Too?

Jason Julius orgasm Blueprint Review
Orgasm Giving Blueprint For Women

Hi, Jason Julius here…

This may come as a big surprise…

We all hear about guys coming too soon.

But women getting off too quickly?

I’m not kidding.

A recent survey of Portuguese women found that about 40 percent of them occasionally climax before they want to – and about 3 percent do so chronically.

Now, you may be thinking…

Why is that a problem?

This is one of those problems a lot of women would LOVE to have.

Versus not being able to orgasm at all!


But just like there are guys who can’t enjoy sex because their dong is too big…

There are women who are troubled by how quickly and easily they climax.

Perhaps they don’t get to enjoy the sensual build-up to the orgasm for long enough.

Or maybe they desire to prolong the intimacy with their men as they frolic deliciously.

But the good news is… whether your woman climaxes too soon, or not…

If you can get her to come once, you can get her to climax AGAIN.

And again.

(Unlike most of us guys, who are just a one-shot party popper before we go limp)

And the best way to make your wife or lover orgasm in cascading waves of erotic pleasure?

Here’s something that works on many women…

The best thing is, even if you can’t give her one decent orgasm right now… you can change all that, quickly and easily.

This is how to make that happen…


P:S  You know how they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”?

I wonder if that logic would apply to orgasms as well?


I know if you asked the texas woman that just sent me in her success story, her answer would be a resounding YES!

Check it out…

Dear Jason,

Wanted to add my story to your list of successes.  

You can call it “a girl is never too old.”

I am 65 and my lover and I have been together for 7 years.

He is a wonderful, sweet, caring man.  

I discovered your stuff about a year ago and got the blueprint for both of us.

We have been practicing trying to get me to squirt.

I never had done it before, and have had good, hard orgasms for a while now, so I just figured I was “too old” to squirt.  

Well, guess what?  

I had my first squirting orgasm EVER IN MY LIFE thanks to you and your techniques.  

It was great! It completely surprised both of us! I soaked the pillow he had me propped up on for better access.  

My sweetheart says that now that he has the technique down, he can’t wait to give me another one.  

Carry on your good work, and tell your girls it’s never too late!

Mary in Texas 


Orgasm artsHere’s My Response:

Can I get a round of internet applause for Mary and her lover?

That’s so awesome!

Just goes to show that it’s truly never too late to improve your love life by leaps and bounds…

If you’re still struggling with being able to give your woman the kind of orgasm you know she deserves then you need to check out my G Spot video for a refresher course.

Watch it here

This one video has been responsible for literally thousands of orgasms all over the world, plus it has over 5,000 Facebook likes too!

Simply insane…

Watch the video below (it costs you nothing) and use the technique tonight!

female orgasm blueprint review

jason julius female orgasm arts blueprint review video

See you soon,
Jason Julius


PS: WTF, 35 orgasms in one night?

I have to share this success story with you…

It comes from a woman who calls herself “Mrs.


Check out the email below that she sent me…


Wow, I met a man that already knew what to do to a certain extent.

However, when I came across your website this past January I passed the info on to my man. 


He has unlocked the “flood” inside of me and that’s no word of a lie. 

Just to give you an idea of my experience, I personally never had a G Spot orgasm or an A-Spot orgasm. (never even heard of that)

We started to count on how many I could actually take in one session of love making.

Well, it’s 35!…

The experience that you mentioned about your girlfriend, I had the same…

Kinda like you’re on an orgasmic high!

The best feeling of pleasure a woman can ever have.  

All I want now is to have more and thank God my man loves it just as much as I do.

Thank you so much, Mrs squirt

P.S. I got my man a pair of goggles…

Goggles indeed!

35 orgasms in one session, with squirting!

This is craziness!…

…But I love it!

This just goes to show what’s possible when you know how to physically satisfy your woman!

Now, 35 orgasms in one night may not necessarily be typical…

In fact I’m not even sure many women could take 35 in one night.

However I’m confident, when you implement the techniques from The Blueprint, you’ll be able to give your woman several orgasms in a row on a VERY consistent basis.

 Jason Julius Orgasm Guide Arts ReviewHeck, you’ll maybe even reach double digits on a good night.

That’s the beauty of the female orgasm…

Limitless possibilities!

Just think about the look on your woman’s face as you keep giving her orgasm after orgasm…

Then just when she thinks it’s over you give her yet another!

I can guarantee you there won’t be any doubt in her mind as to who her man is…

…That’s for sure!

The Best part is this can all happen tonight…

Just by implementing one or two simple techniques from The Blueprint. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get instant access to everything you need to know right here

Talk Soon,
Jason Julius



PS: Weird side effect…

Below is an email I received from a woman that’s on my newsletter…

It exposes a hidden “side effect” of going through my training program The Female Orgasm Blueprint that you should be aware of.


Hi Jason!

I recently suggested to my future husband that he should take a look at your video series. (The Female Orgasm Blueprint)

Well, he did, and I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

The technical skill and vocabulary you provide is excellent, but what I really think we owe to you is our love making confidence.

The man I love is now CONFIDENT in ways he’d never been before.

Despite how open and loving we’ve always been with each other, the confidence he’s gained by knowing that he’s making me feel amazing, in ways other men never have, has instantly catapulted our relationship to another level.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I think your video series should be a standard couples Valentine’s Day gift.

From women to men, and men to women, or women to women.

It’s not just a gift of instructional videos, it’s the gift of confidence and the pleasure that derives from that confidence.

Keep up the good work. You are saving relationships and bringing positivity to places where people may not otherwise have it.

Grateful and satisfied,

YES! I can’t express enough how RIGHT ON, Erica is! 

Sure, in The Blueprint you’re going to learn ALL my latest tricks and physical techniques for getting your woman off…

In fact when you go through the training you’re going to be able to give her as many squirting orgasms as she can handle.

That’s a given…

However as a kind of good “side effect”

You’re also gaining something else…

Female Orgasm Guide ArtsSomething VERY powerful…

In fact it’s kind of like a “superpower”

It’s called CONFIDENCE!!

And once you KNOW you’re rocking your woman’s world better than any man ever has before…

You’re going to feel a level of confidence in yourself as a man that you never thought possible.

And not only are you going to experience the benefits of this…she will too!

Believe me NOTHING gets a woman’s “juices” flowing more than a confident man that knows how to handle her in the bedroom!

Your woman won’t be able to keep her hands off you…and don’t be surprised when she starts to reveal her “dirty wild side” that you didn’t even know existed 😉

As Erica put it…get ready to “catapult your relationship to the next level.”

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Talk Soon,
Jason Julius – Orgasm Blueprint Review




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